Dineke McLean

Obsession with the book arts is in my blood.

I was born above a stationary and book shop in the Netherlands the daughter of a
3rd generation printer and publisher.

After migrating to Australia, a lengthy childhood illness saw me confined to bed
with large boxes of paper off cuts from my fathers printing firm.

Understandably, my constant companion, Abduhl the cat, tired of being used for
nature printing exercises and my attempts to clothe him in paper dresses
saw him head for the blackberry patch.

So I started making paper dolls and books.

Initially I studied commercial and graphic art, becoming involved in my parents'
hand paper making mill - The Mould and Deckle - eventually setting up my own paper making and book arts studio.

I now specialize in cast paper images, limited editions, artist's books and
private press publications.

My work is represented in many private and public collections and I enjoy being a sessional tutor (book arts) with various adult education facilities.

Abduhl has long since departed to pussy heaven as far away from paper as he can get..
but I still make the occasional paper doll
and these works are all titled in variations of Abduhl!


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