Gerald Moscato
(Illinois, USA)

A published calligrapher/lettering stylist and designer, Gerald began his typographical experience at Zipatone Inc. Credited with the development of several typefaces. Chic was his first face designed and produced for pre-press lettering graphics and subsequently digitized as an Adobe Incorporated Systems Software typography font.

Some calligraphic achievements are worth noting. The most prominent piece was the design and calligraphic original for a Certificate of Appreciation to First Lady of Illinois, Lura Lynn Ryan, in summer 2001.

In 1996 he lettered the words 'Las Vegas' for banners mounted on the Strip.

Exhibits include the Chicago Calligraphy Collective (CCC), Saint Mary's College, AlphaMark (ACA), Benedictine University, Hinsdale Center for the Arts, Colfax Cultural Centre and Southern Illinois University. Also, selected pieces have been chosen for juried exhibitions by the CCC from 1990 - 2004 at the Newberry Library. He served on the CCC board as President and Officer.

Selected pieces have been published by Hearst Books International, Lettering Arts Review, Rockport, Watson Guptill, Universe, Sunrise & Harper Collins Publications.

The Smithsonian houses three of his calligraphic envelopes in their permanent archives. The Newberry's Wing Collection acquired and archived Typographics 2002 and two calendars, with three previous specimens.

In 2000, he was accepted, by jury, into the Illinois Artisan Program and commissioned to redesign the James R Thompson awards presented to winning artists by Lura Lynn Ryan in Springfield, Illinois.

Gerald graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from SIU, Carbondale, and resides in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Gerald's artwork can be seen in the Alphabet Forest
and on his website

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