Lisa Churchward

"I was introduced to a class at Mitcham Community House by my sister in law, about 14 years ago. My tutors, Karen Ter Haar and Di Ting, have been inspirational, and I still go every week, to a vibrant class, full of great people.

I attend as many workshops on offer that I can, and buy loads of calligraphy books off ebay (it's worth it…just for the pictures!). I guess it's just the sensuous nature of letters…they are so beautiful, and can be expressed in so many different ways. When you combine lettering with creating backgrounds, using different tools and media…the possibilities are endless. There is colour, line, texture and inspirational shapes all around us in nature. I like to view all kinds of art, and get ideas through books as well. I have so many ideas in my head that may never make it to fruition! It's not the inspiration that I find difficult, it's finding the time to create the piece.

I mainly letter for my own enjoyment, so much of it is in drawers, filed away. Some is on display at home, and I occasionally create commissioned pieces. I prefer to work on a large scale, and find I don't have enough wall space. I work as continence nurse, and have a husband and 2 teenage sons, so find I work best to a deadline…. at least that way I have to allow myself time to create. Give it a go - there's no such thing as a disaster!

I exhibit when I can, as it gives me that deadline that I seem to need. I have entered the Royal Melbourne Show over the past few years, and have exhibited at Gallery Edge twice, and at the Art 4 Aid exhibition which raised money for The Oaktree Foundation.

Vellum is a medium that I'd like to try; I've never been game to this point. I'd like to spend more time with a flat brush as well, and attempt those classic Roman majuscules.

Seeing your own work evolve is an interesting phenomenon. I spent several years studying formal lettering, and enjoying every hand I tried. But the doors really opened for me once I discovered how to create vibrant backgrounds upon which to letter. And the choice of tools for lettering is so varied as well.

So these days I find myself really drawn to creating more contemporary works, using gestural writing with ruling pens. I love the spontaneity and movement this style allows"

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