Mia Leijonstedt


GalleriaMia features modern handmade bookbindings and artist's books
by Finnish artist Mia Leijonstedt.

Since her first exhibition of paintings in 1992, she has pursued her interest in artist's books and studied both traditional and modern bookbinding skills.

Based in the UK for over a decade until 2006, she created work that spanned several creative disciplines, both for clients and as private artistic exploration.

She's currently exploring the Middle East with her family, gathering materials
and inspiration for her next adventures in the realm of book arts.

Mia Leijonstedt's bookbindings and artist's books have been exhibited internationally
in over fifty shows and she has won several awards for both technical and artistic merit.
She is elected member of the Finnish Association of Designer-Makers Taiko ry, Ornamo

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