Michalina's interest in Calligraphy began in 1990 after taking classes with
Gemma Black at the Crafts Council of the ACT.

She commenced the Roehampton correspondence course at the end of 1991 and
finally completed it in early 1997. During 1994 and part of 1995 she travelled to Sydney for the calligraphy teaching course offered at the Hornsby Ku-ring-ai Community College, graduating in November 1995 with a Certificate IV in Teaching of Calligraphy.

Michalina moved to Victoria in December 1995 and completed the For the Love of Letters course with Jill Colebatch in mid 1998. Over the years she has also taken as many workshops as possible
with Australian and overseas calligraphers including Dave Wood, Elaine Witton, Geoff Ford, Gemma Black, Susanne Haines, Margaret Daubney and Denis Brown.

She has been teaching calligraphy at various adult education venues since 1992 in both city and country locations in the ACT, NSW and here in Victoria. A member of the Calligraphy Society of Victoria, (she was dragooned into the Postscript team as soon as she set foot in Victoria), Canberra Calligraphy Society, the Australian Society of Calligraphers and CLAS.
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