Vernon - On Himself

The Roehampton course, so far as I have done, is very interesting and instructive. I feel that there is now some sense appearing to the whole enterprise of calligraphy, and the twin aspects of my own involvement - that of amateur self-taught enthusiast, and beginning letterer - are co-existing quite happily, without much damage to either. Conflict between the over-indulged nature of the former and the nervousness of the latter, just doesn't exist. It's as if they occupy two mutually exclusive worlds.

I find the stimulus of a challenge almost irresistible.

My self control is not working too well - (in spite of the discipline of the Roehampton Course, Vernon's desire to experiment with lettering was ever present.)

As before, I send these pieces in hope rather than certainty. I do not assume that simply sending them is an 'open sesame' into Postscript, nor should it be of course, and I hope that you will remind me of that fact every so often if I seem to be getting too pretentiously big-headed.