Vernon - By his Friends

"I really connected with Vernon's creativity - paper and calligraphy, and obvious total lack of business skills (giving paper away all the time, and charging a pittance to the shops) despite his claims to accountancy. Vernon was one of the very few men I've met that I became fond of, a rare perfect gentleman."

"I thought Vernon was the most beautiful man with the gentlest of hearts. When I heard of his passing I wanted to say "Stop the bells......" but he would not have wanted that."

Over time we became good friends, I was attracted to his considerable intellect, his decidedly 'off-beat' sense of humour and his generally 'nurturing' attitude towards the choir and those in it.
To Vernon,
Where can we live, but in our individual days;
Decorated from within, by our own intellect?
You furnished yours with tasteful artistic beauty;
And tolerant understanding; quiet gentle giant.
Where can we live but in our days?
Solving that problem involves priests and doctors.
They may have tried; but your last days with us were tasteful,
giving us insight and pleasure.
Rest peacefully now in your well furnished eternity, in Paradise.