Jill Colebatch

Ever since I first began this website I have known that it would never be 'whole' without the inclusion of a representation of Jill's work. It has taken much nagging, beseeching, persuasion and persistence to finally drag her into this little section of cyberspace!

All but two of the individual calligraphers' galleries which reside on this website have been students of Jill's For the Love of Letters two-year course. I feel that it stands as a wonderful testament to the quality of Jill's tutelage that none of her students' work bears any resemblance to her own. Jill encouraged us all to follow our own individual paths along the everlasting, often frustrating, and always exciting, pursuit of fine letterforms.

Her own work is a constantly changing voyage of discovery and renewal, and what you see in her gallery on this website is a sample of 'what was', and perhaps 'what is',
but you can be quite sure that it will be very different to 'what is still to come'.


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