Béatrice Coron
New York
(about Béatrice)


New York City Bestiary 1997
12 papercut tableaux & titles in English accordion binding one of a kind
closed 12"x 9"x 3" full extended 178"
This series of twelve papercuttings explores our interaction, as New Yorkers, with nature and the animal world.
Surprisingly for an urban setting, nature seems to be very near, even when unwanted.
The titles of the images play upon the ambiguous behavior of people and animals in their parallel worlds.
The papercuttings float on the translucent paper and can be viewed as shadows from the opposite side,
adding imaginative possibilities for viewing the pages

San Cristobal de las Casas 2005
edition 3
6" x 45" Arches paper cut

Dead building 2005
edition 3 9" x 23" Tyvek Scroll
Additional images of Béatrice's work, and contact details, can be found on her website

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