Laura Davidson
(about Laura)

Book of Hours 2003
10.75 x 13 x 3 inches
Unique book object housed in mahogany box
The cover holds a brass clock part
Inside there is a small painting illuminated by watch and clock parts,
with a small prudella painting of a landscape
The facing page holds moveable circles with words, which when interacted with,
produce poetry about time
Private Collection
Paris Illuminated 2006
3 high
This is a miniature book filled with images of Paris painted with ink and wash with gold leaf added
The covers are brass with copper and silver elements, with a clay stone attached
It is bound with sterling silver necklace chain
Private collection
Hum 2006
1 high by 1.25 wide 28 pages
This miniature book is the first in a series of small books about small things
The cover is sterling silver bound with sterling silver necklace chain
The pages are painted with ink
The end pages are French marbled paper from a vintage sample book
In the collection of the Houghton Library at Harvard University
Additional images of Laura's work, and contact details, can be found on her website

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