Mia Leijonstedt
Finland/Middle East
(about Mia)

Lost Spells of Merlin
This large yet incredibly light-weight artist's book features imaginary lost spells of Merlin
Hand-drawn and painted imagery is based on the ancient druid legends
Included is a magic doll, 'the Guardian of the Spells'
Fragrant Fairytales
This scroll consist of two alternate layers of plant fibre paper and five dried poppy flowers
that surround the scroll with a slight fragrance
The wooden core is topped with moulded tin that has markings reflecting gentle morning dew
Abstract illustrations and pierced holes along the scroll replace recognisable, readable text
These fairytales cannot be read in words
All the Good Souls
This is a concertina book with six pages
There are images of hearts drawn and painted on parchment (leather)
which are then stitched with gold thread onto the pages
The pages are sandwiched with a core in the middle to give them a thicker, three-dimensional quality
The pages are attached to each other with leather hinges

Additional images of Mia's work and contact details can be found on her website

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