Woomera: Not So Black and White
Lindy Yeates (Victoria)

20 x 25 x 2 cm
Lino prints, ink, pencil, sandpaper and transparency on paper
Concertina book in archival box. As a child of the 60's
I lived in Woomera and quickly learnt to think like the white, middleclass community to which I belonged.
I swam in an ocean of bible stories and learnt to recite John 3:16 while British and American scientists
fought the 'War on Communism' and over a thousand kilometers away,
whole communities of aboriginal people struggled to survive.
Today the only remaining constant on the heaving sea of world views that built the town, is the land.
These waves of red earth that consume the township from time to time, are layered with decades of
popular belief, generations of thought and centuries of knowledge
From dispossession to detention, from surveillance to Sunday School,
they record a not-so-hidden flaw - that arrogance and ignorance,
fear and distrust prejudice our judgments and diminish our actions;
that our world view colours our intentions; that good is not always good; that black can also be white;
that only when we look beyond the surface of things will our vision clear

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