The Draw for the Faber Castell Pencils was conducted by the
Committee of the Calligraphy Society of Victoria
at their monthly meeting on Monday evening 21 October 2002.

The names of all the participants were folded by our own Joan Letty and Denise Millott
under the watchful eye of our American visitor and Cyberscribe Alesia Zorn.

All those in attendance were given a final chance to see the prize
which would soon be won by one of those lucky names in the box.

And after all the names were transferred into the barrel and given a final spin
by Treasurer Coralee Barker, the winning name was drawn by,
Julie Woodbridge - a new member attending her first meeting.

AND THE WINNER is....................


Busra is a Grade 4 student at
Kingswood Primary School, Dingley, Victoria, Australia

Her artwork is displayed in the Childrens' Playground of Lettering

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